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June 26, 2022

PDL and the ‘monstrous coalition’

(…) Today, the phrase ‘monstrous coalition’ is almost being abused, because
of lack of knowledge! (…) After the signal sent from Cotroceni and the white
cheque’ received by Emil Boc, Vasile Blaga’s boat started to take in water. One by one, in the well-known Romanian honesty and consistency, Vasile Blaga’s former allies have packed their things and moved on Emil Boc’s side! Some have managed to embarrass themselves while doing that, with the whine of beaten dogs. They looked as if they had just sobered up and apologising! Emil Boc cannot be suspected of corruption and that is probably his only competitive edge. He has not confirmed in any other
department. He had to be rewarded somehow, but perhaps not like that, because it resembles so well the former Communist Party congresses and the adhesions flowing in from the remotest corners of the country. The only thing missing is for Vasile Blaga – Uncle Vasile, as the party cajolers call him, to also endorse Boc now! There is also a third competitor, Theodor Paleologu, who is just playing an image part. It is supposed to say: ‘Look, there are other people in PDL!’ Maybe Boc would have not won the first round of the election in triumph, as some already anticipate, but the image of the party would have been deeply laundered. With means like these, it is
hard to believe that Traian Basescu would have ever become the president of PD. The only one singled out in the crowd is Elena Udrea. With her battle over the Bucharest referendum, she copies Basescu down to the millimetre.  The stray dogs, the sectors of the capital – themes thrown to the public… A  victory will put the entire party at her feet. She will legitimise herself as  PDL’s saviour. What some of the PDL leaders who left Udrea in offside,  hoping she would break her neck, do not understand is that her failure will  be settled by the entire party. The battle for Bucharest is s symbolic one  because the time ball of politics drops in Bucharest. A victory of the opposition, of USL’s, will be the signal for the entire country. Crin  Antonescu and Victor Ponta realise that and the battle is handled without  gloves. (…) If the opposition is the ‘monstrous coalition’, PDL is nothing but  the ‘unconscious coalition’!

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