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December 9, 2022

Caramitru: No harm you if you refused to collaborate with Securitate

In an interview to “Evenimentul Zilei”, the chairman of the Romanian Theatre Guild (UNITER), Ion Caramitru, speaks of how the Securitate repeatedly tried to recruit him, failing every time.
Caramitru further argues one didn’t suffer severe consequences if refusing collaboration with the former secret police. “They couldn’t harm you. At the worst, you wouldn’t get a visa for the States. Or they found other means to vex you,” he claims in the interview. Commenting on the former director of the Bulandra Theatre, Ion Besoiu, whom the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives (CNSAS) recently exposed as a collaborator of the Securitate, Caramitru says he was never on good terms with Besoiu and argues he was not surprised to find out the latter also filed reports on him.

“He was an actor frustrated by people much more talented than him, who were acting at Bulandra. Therefore, it could have been jealousy or pure malice, it could have been for a number of reasons, as he is a hypocrite (…) When I saw my record, since proper names are obscured, I could only suspect it was him. I’ve only just had my proof, by this note,” the UNITER chairman argues.

The note in question refers to a report by Besoiu, in which the latter warned the Securitate that Caramitru might choose not to return from a scholarship in the US. Furthermore, Caramitru argues there were other actors who collaborated with the Securitate, some of them first-rank names. “Tenth-rate actors, former small-town theatre directors, politruks, who were almost blatant collaborators (…) I recognized three first-rank theatre actors, but it is not my job to expose them. They are people you wouldn’t have expected this from.”

The chairman of UNITER for the past 20 years, Caramitru argues he wanted to retire, but there were no other candidates for the position. Furthermore, he argues, he doesn’t have a say in the granting of the Union awards. The 19th UNITER Awards Gala took place, yesterday evening, being broadcast live by the public television. (A.C.)

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