Protest against dog euthanizing, in Bucharest’s Izvor Park

Hundreds of animal-lovers protested in Bucharest, in the Izvor Park, near the Parliament, against the euthanizing of stray dogs. “We oppose euthanasia. The only solution to the stray dogs’ problem is mass sterilisation, for all dogs. Both stray dogs, from the streets, and dogs which have an owner, dogs from the yards. We don’t want to see murder re-enshrined in the law. Those in power want to re-introduce euthanasia, as stray dogs became a lucrative business,” the protesters stated, quoted by

The protest staged, yesterday, in Bucharest, comes in the wake of media reports of shocking events in Deva (Hunedoara County), which was filled, last week, with the bodies of dozens of stray dogs shot at night. Eye-witnesses, quoted by, recount the dogs were executed from moving jeeps, with air rifles. The dogs were then collected in sacks and thrown on dumping grounds. The reaction of the Deva mayor, Miricia Muntean, outraged many of the locals. “I am calling on all hunters in the area to take measures against them (e.n. the dogs) and join me in this endeavour. This is the only problem I have been unable to solve so far. I am glad to see we got rid of them,” the local press reports his words, quoted by A criminal suit against the mayor was filed, at the Prosecutor’s Office, by representatives of the Bucharest Animal Police. The official is accused of instigation to maltreatment and acts of cruelty against stray dogs.

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