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April 20, 2021

Two men shot in traffic, hospitalized

Two men were hospitalized within the Emergency Hospital in Craiova yesterday morning after another man shot them with rubber bullets in a street brawl in Bailesti, Dolj County. Preliminary information shows it all started over traffic issues. The two young men, aged 17 and 23 respectively, wanted to overtake another vehicle. The latter’s driver was overly displeased and made use of the rubber bullet gun he legally owns, firing four shots – one in the air and three towards the two men.

According to Cristina Geormaneanu, spokesperson of the Craiova County Hospital, the 23-year-old man has lesions in his chest and head areas, while the other has lesions on his arms. The latter went into surgery because he had a rubber bullet stuck in his arm. The young man that shot them has another story. He claims the two vandalized his parked car. The man went to hospital too, needing medical care because he was allegedly attacked. According to agent Amelia Caprarin, spokesperson of the Dolj County Police Inspectorate, investigations are ongoing in this case which involves assault, vandalism and failure to respect the arms and ammunitions regulations. “Even if he legally owns the gun and he used it in self-defence, police officers are looking into the failure to respect the arms and ammunitions regulations too,” Amelia Caprarin stated for Mediafax. In fact, police officers have confiscated the man’s gun for further investigations.

A similar incident occurred on Sunday evening in an intersection in Dobreta Turnu Severin when a 19-year-old man fired several shots with his rubber bullet gun. Three persons went to hospital but did not have to be hospitalized. Police officers opened two criminal files, one for the unlawful use of a non-lethal gun and the other for vandalism.

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