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November 27, 2021

Europol: Romania, the only ex-communist country with considerable number of arrests on terrorism charges

Revolutions in the Arab world and the economic crisis might increase the risk of terrorist attacks committed by Islamists, far-right and far-left groups in the EU, a Europol report warns, according to Realitatea.net.

The yearly report ‘Situation of terrorism and trends in the EU’ presented on Tuesday and covering the year 2010 notes that a majority of the terrorist incidents reported in the EU last year were the work of separatist groups such as ETA in Spain, or PKK in Turkey. Successful or forestalled separatist attacks account for 160 out of a total of 249 situations identified in 2010, compared to 45 incidents involving far-right movements and only three Islamist occurrences. The biggest number of arrests on terrorism charges was registered in France (219), Spain (118), Ireland (62), Great Britain (45) and the Netherlands (39).

The biggest EU country, Germany, reported only 25 cases and Italy 29. Small states like Belgium (20) AND Greece (18) had a large number of arrests. With 16 arrests, Romania was the only EU former communist country with a considerable figure. The member states lying at the eastern EU borders were not targeted by Islamist terrorism, but some of the arrests operated in Romania indicate member states were crossed in transit to other parts of Europe, according to the report. The possibility for those states to serve as marginal operating bases where specific terrorist groups can develop logistic and financial capabilities is not excluded.

Romania reported 14 arrests of an Islamist nature and two in connection with separatism. Romania is mentioned in the report for investigations regarding organisations tied to PKK.

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