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April 21, 2021

Goran Bregovic wrote the soundtrack for Dan Chisu-directed “Ursul”

Goran Bregovic wrote the musical score for “Ursul” <The Bear>, the latest film di­rected by Dan Chisu to hit the screens in early May. Bregovic, who wrote the soundtrack music for the films of Serb film director Emil Kusturica, Time of the Gypsies, Arizona Dream, Underground), says “Ursul” is his first try at writing the music for a comedy film. “Ursul” is a road-movie set in Romania of the 1990s. The new director of the State Circus attempts to resolve the financial problems of the cash-strapped institution by selling its last remaining bear – old and dying – to a German hunter. Driven by dedication to their profession and the love for the bear, the circus artists oppose the sale and tail the director up to the place where the transaction is to take place. “Ursul” is produced by Libra Film and distributed by Transilvania Film.

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