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October 5, 2022

Petition filed against Cseke Attila with Prosecutor’s Office for closing hospitals

The Foundation for the Defence of Civil Rights against State Abuse (FACIAS) yesterday filed a criminal complaint for abuse of office against interest of individuals and abuse of office against public interest, against Health Minister Cseke Attila with the High Court Prosecutor’s Office, Mediafax reports.

The information has been confirmed by the ICCJ press office. FACIAS has also made a complaint to the Government, demanding that Government Decision 345/2011 closing down 67 hospitals managed by the local authorities should be cancelled. According to FACIAS, the closing of any of those healthcare establishments should have been proposed by the local authorities (the prefect or the county council) for every county, and then it should have been sanctioned by the Health Ministry (MS). Only after going through those required stages could the Government have issue the decision to close or convert those hospitals, FACIAS further notes. In the context, the foundation warns about the fact that the recitals of Government Decisions 212/2011 and 345/2011 do not analyse the impact the closing of those hospitals is going to have on local communities.

The measure has led to some major dysfunctions such as the one reported at the Tutova hospital (the I.T. Nicolaescu Hospital for Chronic Disease), the only one with that specialty in its area, or the Baneasa Healthcare Centre, the patients of which had to be sent to over 400 k distance.

With the 67 hospitals closing own and deteriorating medical services, PC Deputy Tudor Ciu­hodaru wants to force officials to seek medical care in Romanian hospitals, Realitatea TV informs. Ciuhodaru has sponsored a draft law in that respect, which he intends to table in Parliament next Tuesday. The only situation in which people holding public office would be allowed to go to a hospital abroad is where the required specialty is not locally available. Under T. Ciuhodaru’s draft law, anyone who breaks the law will lose his/her public position.

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