Cashiers will be trained to identify counterfeit money

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) plans to organize training sessions for cashiers and employees who operate with cash in Romanian units, reports. The training sessions will be taught by specialists within the Emission and Treasury Direction and will consist inpresenting the safety elements on Romanian banknotes in circulation, as well as the protocol to follow when identifying acounterfeit banknote. According to the latest data supplied by the institution, 4.55 counterfeit banknotes arereported in Romania, out of amillion banknotes. The most heavily counterfeited banknoteis the RON 100 one.

In 2009, the number of national currency counterfeits tested by BNR amounted to 3,125 counterfeit banknotes, rising by 48.5 pc compared to the preceding year, according tothe central bank’s latest report on this issue. The RON 50-banknote ranked second, with 487 counterfeits, out of which 31 on a plastic material, and the RON 500-banknote ranked third, with 317 counterfeits,” the report further reads.

Counterfeiters have tried to find a plastic material that would resemble the genuine substrate, but counterfeits were poor, in terms of graphic and technical quality, as the plastic used had different physical properties. The security thread and the filigree were imitated byimprint on occasion, but not convincingly enough to fool the specialists.

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