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February 1, 2023

No Age at Control Club

Opening acts: The Mono Jacks/ Coughy

Tonight, One Day and Control Club bring, for the first time in Bucharest, an already legendary American indie rock band: No Age. The concert will be opened by two Bucharest bands, The Mono Jacks and Coughy.

No Age, the American duo  made up of guitarist RandyRandall and drummer-cum-soloist Dean Allen Spunt, hails from the DIY art-punk scene in LA, combined with a constellation of influences, from The Byrds or JohnCale to Husker Du, The Ramonesand My Bloody Valentine. Everything is filtered through the prolific Californian underground movement and served in a unique collage of fuzz, dream punk and experimental art-pop.

Formed in 2005, after the break-up of hardcore punk band Wives, in which Dean was the bassist and Randy the guitarist, No Age can already boast three studio albums: “Weirdo Rippers” (Fat Cat Records, 2007), “Nouns” (Sub Pop, 2008) and “Everything in Between” (Sub Pop, 2010), which brought them recognition from avariety of quarters. At the end of 2007, The New Yorker dedicated a special feature to “the noisy and often brilliant duo No Age”, confirming the band’s status as a reference point in the underground movement which had its headquar tersat The Smell club in Los Angeles. In the following year, Pitchfork lists “Nouns” on the 3rd position in the Best 50 Albums of the Year chart.

Launched last September, by the Sub Pop record label, the latestNo Age album, titled “Everythingin Between”, was welcomed by the critics as the proof of the band’sartistic coming-of-age. The first single, “Glitter”, calls attention to the trademark noise-pop sound, as the band continues to experiment with melodious samples, blurry rhythms and cryptic lyrics.

Tickets can be purchased on concert night, at the entrance.

Venue: Control Club, 9pm;Address: 19 Academiei St; Tel. no.:0733 927 861


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