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September 27, 2020

PDL considers resignation right decision, Opposition calls it belated

The Opposition saluted Ioan Botis’s resignation, the trade unions criticized the former Minister for throwing labour legislation into chaos, while his Democrat-Liberal colleagues stated that his resignation was the right thing to do, although some of them see it as cavingunder media pressure.

PDL VICE PRESIDENT GHEORGHE FLUTUR stated yesterday that Botis’s decision to resign was the correct one and pointed out that the Ministerial portfolio will go to PDL in line with the ruling coalition’s protocol. “He is a person that assumed responsibility. I think his decision was the correct one,” Flutur said, being quoted by Mediafax.

MIRCEA TOADER, LEADEROF DEMOCRAT LIBERAL MPS WITHIN THE LOWER CHAMBER, stated that the inability shown in managing the situation and the media pressure was what determined Botis to resign. “Icall it inability because he didn’t know how to manage the situation although he was aware of the problem; he should have taken measures, he treated this superficially, ” Toader said, never the less pointing out that Botis was a very good Minister and reformed his domain.

PDL VICE PRESIDENT RALUCA TURCAN considers the resignation “a correct gesture,”pointing out that sheexpects a similar decision fromVictor Ponta in what concernsConstantin Nicolescu, theSocial-Democrat President of the Arges County Council who is involved in a corruption case. “His resignation represents a signal that PDL has a correctstance in a situation in which question marks are raised about behavior while in public office, ”Turcan stated.

PDL’s coalition partners also agree with the resignation. UDMR SENATOR GYORGY FRUNDA opined that althoughit came “a little bit late,” the resignation was a wise decision. “I believe in Mr. Botis’s good will and honesty but this was a mistake he had to pay for. His resignation is welcomed by everyone, ”the Magyar Senator stated.

For the independent MPs his resignation was an opportunity to express their interest in obtaining the Labour Ministry portfolio they previously held through Marian Sarbu. UN PREXECUTIVE PRESIDENT MARIAN OPREA stated for gandul.info that he regrets what happened to Botis however healways thought that Marian Sarbu was the best man for that job.

On the other side of the divide, PSD PRESIDENT VICTOR PONTA stated on Realitatea TV that Botis’s resignation is absolutely normal because he could no longer remain in office. “Botis ends his career as embarrassingly as that career was. It was completely irresponsible for Emil Boc to defend him when he was caught violating the basic rule of a Minister’s office,” Ponta opined. ILIE SARBU, LEADER OFSOCIAL-DEMOCRAT MPS WITHIN THE SENATE, pointed out that the investigation will bring out “serious” information, stating that the whole government should do what the Labour Minister did, should “have the dignity and power” to resign. PSD SENATOR MIRON MITREA stated in his turn that had Botis resigned earlier he “would have spared us all an embarrassing moment.”

PUIU HASOTTI, LEADEROF LIBERAL SENATORS, pointed out that his resignation is such a trivial thing compared to the seriousness of the situation that it should not even be commented. “We have been waiting for Mrs. Ridzi’s resignation for a long time. Where are the resignations of Mrs. Roberta Anastase, of Mr.Emil Boc?” the Liberal asked rhetorically. PNL VICEPRESIDENT MIHAI VOICU believes that PM Boc will nominate the new Minister with the balance of power within PDL in mind, in view of the party’s Congress in May.

The trade unions, for which Botis was not very popular, had only criticism. DUMITRU COSTIN, PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL TRADE UNION BLOC (BNS), stated on Wednesday for Mediafax that the Labour Code, the labour conflicts’ law and the collective labour contracts’ law were torn as under during former LabourMinister Ioan Botis’s term. Never the less, Costin does not believe his successor will fix anything.

BOGDAN HOSSU, PRESIDENT CARTEL ALFA, considers that it was not normal for Botis to delay his resignation for so long and that this row has proven that Botis was incompatible with his office. In his turn, LIVIU APOSTOIU, VICEPRESIDENT CARTEL ALFA, stated that Botis’s resignation was not honorable, the trade unions having asked for it since the start of the row. “An important Ministry was led by this kind of person; he was put there for a reason, he gave his best todestroy Romanian employees and to destroy the trade union movement,” Apostoiu added.

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