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May 12, 2021

Balea Lake Ice Hotel open for Easter

The Balea Lake Ice Hotel managers announced that, on account of recent heavy snowfalls and cold weather, both the Ice Church and the hotel have been well-preserved and will be able to host tourists for Easter, at prices that are reduced by more than half. Tourists will be offered a special menu, which includes, among other treats, carrot soup with croutons, beef with mushrooms, Brussels sprout and potato dumplings, and Greta Garbo cake for dessert. The manager of the “2011 Balea Lake Ice Hotel” project, Leo Klingeis, stated that the Ice Church is also open to visitors and, given the present meteorological conditions, the two tourist spots will remain open for the May 1 break as well.

“This isn’t the first year when the Ice Hotel can accommodate tourists during Easter. It was open in previous years also, but now, given the very warm weather we had earlier, we hadn’t thought it would last. The heavy snowfalls and cold weather we’ve had recently helped us preserve the two buildings. We think they will remain standing until May 1,” Leo Klingeis stated, on Wednesday, for Mediafax. The snow layer on Balea Lake is over two metres high. As the snow layer is not very stable, the mountain rescue team advises tourists to keep informed of the avalanche risk before embarking on winter sports. According to meteorologists, a fourth-degree avalanche warning – which signals a high risk – was in force until last night, in the Fagaras Mountains, at high altitudes.

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