Boc, Blaga lobby for decent party leadership campaign

While PM says political battle is waged against USL, his main opponent argues Prime Minister’s office and the PDL President’s office should be held separately.

Democrat-Liberal Party (PDL) President Emil Boc and PDL Secretary General Vasile Blaga are in full-blown campaign for the party’s top position. While Boc insists on the idea of a fair-play campaign that would exclude personal attacks, Blaga readopted the idea according to which the Prime Minister’s office and the PDL President’s office should not be held by the same person. Present in Constanta, where he presented his campaign programme on Wednesday evening, Emil Boc stated that the political battle is not waged within the party, being instead waged outside against the Social-Liberal Union. “The political battle is being waged outside, against the Social-Liberal Union, the alliance that does nothing but try to compromise any reform steps and that is growing increasingly bitter as the good economic signs are starting to be confirmed,” Boc stated in front of PDL Constanta’ leadership. “The PDL team, a team that has won all elections since 2004, will win future competitions too because it is strong, united, having only external enemies.

A team that fights its opponents on the outside and that is made up of friends engaged in a fair-play competition on the inside, a competition based on arguments and ideas; between us stand only points of view that put the party at an advantage,” Boc added. At the same time he claimed that his goals are economic growth and the survival of the ruling coalition in its current form after 2012 too. Asked at the end of the meeting how he would characterize himself, considering that Vasile Blaga is a “mere corporal” and Theodor Paleologu, the third candidate, is “a soldier’s son,” Boc answered that he does not want to label the competitors. “You won’t get from me any kind of statement that would label a competitor at this moment,” he  said.On the other hand, Vasile Blaga took part on Wednesday in a meeting with PDL’s local representatives in Alba Iulia. There he rallied to the fair-play campaign position. The Democrat-Liberal Secretary General stated that in case he wins the party elections he will not rule out the possibility that Emil Boc will be a member of the future party leadership “if he wants to,” arguing that there is no “war” within PDL. “We’re not at war against each other, on the contrary. We are colleagues, PSD and PNL are our opponents. We’re engaged in a debate,” Blaga said. Nevertheless, in his opinion, the Prime Minister’s office and the PDL President’s office should not be held by the same person. “We’ve been saying for a very long time, some of us from as far back as December 2008, that the two offices should be held separately,” Blaga pointed out, adding that many governments could have been changed until now but “things are more complicated when the party’s President is also the Prime Minister.” Asked whether he will support Boc at the helm of the government if he wins the internal elections, Blaga stated that this is a discussion that concerns the Prime Minister and the Head of State. However, he pointed out that he never publicly criticized Boc. “We’re stating a very clear thing in our programme: the government whose members we are has to be political in nature. Of course, we can accept a technocrat PM for a while, but for a well-determined period of time and on condition his Ministers are party members,” Blaga pointed out. PDL’s Secretary General labelled the Social-Liberal Union as “a political-media conglomerate,” stating that he treats it with full attention.During his campaign tour Blaga met supporters that had harsher things to say about his opponent. At the end of a meeting Blaga had with PDL’s Deva branch, Mircea Patranjan, the Democrat-Liberal Mayor of a Hunedoara County commune, told Blaga: “You’d better have balls, not like the midget, otherwise we’re finished!” Blaga immediately asked the Mayor to stop talking like that in public. “This kind of language is not allowed!”

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