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February 9, 2023

Princess Margareta: We are ready to revert to monarchy

In an interview to “Adevarul”, HRH Princess Margareta speaks about the future of monarchy in Romania. “Yes, we are ready (e.n. for Romania to revert to monarchy). The king has always been ready for this. This is what his philosophy, his vocation and his expertise consist in. However, in fact, we are in a peculiar position: we are semi-official. It’s more of a state position. I do not have a crystal ball to be able to foretell the future, but we’ll be always here, we’re not going anywhere. We’re doing the best we can for our country, but it isn’t up to us, it depends on the Romanian people, on whether they want this. A political will is needed, but we need the will of the people as well. We cannot impose a system, but we are here, we have a 30 year-plan, we wanted to rely on our roots and to walk towards the future backed by a plan that is longer than the four year-plans of politicians. What is needed is vision, continuity, loyalty,” the Princess Margareta said.

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