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May 12, 2021

Presidential aide: New law needed for political parties

Romania needs a new law of political parties, which should have fewer regulations because parties are free associations of citizens so they do not need very tight rules, presidential aide Sebastian Lazaroiu said, according to HotNews.
“Fewer regulations but those regulations should be followed. The law should be simpler, but stricter and should even provide sanctions. Which means that a party that abuses and fails to respect rules should be dissolved,” said Lazaroiu, who serves as adviser on internal politics matters to President Traian Basescu.

The aide voiced doubt however that such a law would actually be passed by Parliament. “Just like it would be difficult to pass a law on parties’ financing at the moment. (…) Parties always want to have a lot of freedom, not to face and constraints and they have statutes with various laws, but prefer to have the possibility of bending or evading these rules,” he explained.
Lazaroiu also spoke of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), which he described as “very strange” because it does not have a single ideology, gathering people of all sorts of political affiliations on ethnic criteria. “Normally, it can be challenged and I think there were attempts to challenge UDMR in court. (…) But nobody has done this because UDMR is a comfortable governing partner, nobody has the interest to destroy it,” Lazaroiu said.

He explained that the ethnic criterion at the base of the UDMR is already fading, a fact also reflected by the Hungarian community’s decreasing voter turnout. “The general trend is a drop in the importance of the ethnic factor and then, I think these different ideological currents in UDMR will be absorbed by Romanian parties. (…) This is what I think will happen in the next 10-15 years,” he said.
Lazaroiu also said that a new party on the political stage, such as the one OTV owner Dan Diaconescu wants to set up, would be a “vulnerable point” because “nobody wants another party right now.” He admitted however that there is a stringent need for a different manner of doing politics in Romania.

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