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September 29, 2020

‘General mobilization’ for May Day weekend

Traffic police, public order and gendarmerie forces have been augmented to prevent possible unfortunate events this weekend.

Preparations for the May Day weekend entered the home straight, with additional traffic police forces being deployed to monitor potential unfortunate events on the main roads that link the capital and holiday mountain and seaside resorts. “In order to ensure traffic safety and a low number of victims from traffic accidents, the traffic police will be carrying out, starting Friday (today), nationwide actions aimed at combating over speeding involving all the Traffic Police equipment used for monitoring road traffic and vehicle speed,” Mediafax quoted a Romanian Police release as saying.

Also, 15,500 police, of whom 9,000 with the public order task force, will act to ensure citizen safety and peace April 30-May 2.”Considering the large number of events being announced involving a numerous public and the large afflux of people to tourist and leisure areas, the average police task force part of the public law and order forces is of 15,500 police, of whom 8,883 with the public order task force, 1,955, traffic police, 870, transports, 1,597, criminal investigations, 350, fraud investigations, 40, arms, explosives and dangerous substances, with an additional 1,805 to intervene, if necessary,” according to the Romanian Police release.

The Gendarmerie too will deploy an impressive task force. More than 6,000 gendarmes will be deployed today through Monday throughout the nation to make sure the May Day Weekend unfolds safely. The gendarmes will be deployed in large cities, mountain and seaside resorts, and other leisure areas. “Gendarmes will carry out concrete actions and patrols, mostly in heavy traffic areas, nightclubs, discotheques or terraces, seeking to identify and take action against panhandlers, pocket thieves etc.

Over 200 gendarmes will be deployed on the Black Seaside, the Romanians’ favourite May Day destination, to maintain public order and safety. A similar number of gendarmes will be deployed in holiday mountain resorts.


More than 15,000 tourists are expected to spend their May Day Weekend at the seaside this year, which also marks the start of the holiday seaside season, with the resorts of Mamaia, Vama Veche and Costinesti being the most sought-after destinations. “Usually, there are more tourists on the Romanian than the Bulgarian seaside on May Day. On Easter, the opposite happens, since, by and large, Romanians would either go to an agro-tourism pension in a mountain area, or travel to a foreign place, including the Bulgarian Black Seaside. May 1 is also when the holiday seaside season kicks off here. And this is usually when things turn our way,” Corina Martin, president of the Litoral-Delta Dunarii Association said. Under the logo, “A new atitutide pe Litoralul Romanesc – Tot ACASA e mai bine!” <A new attitude on the Romanian Seaside – HOME is the better place to be!”> launched by the Litoral-Delta Dunarii Association, there has been organized a string of events for the tourists who choose to spend May Day at the seaside.

Railway passenger operator CFR Calatori announced it would supplement the number of May Day trains to the seaside. According to Gandul.info, seven more trains will run April 28-May 2 to/from Constanta, Mangalia, Bucharest and Galati, with another ten to have their routes extended up to Mangalia.

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