CFR and Bucharest Mayor’s Office to build tram stop with access to North Railway Station

The Romanian Railway Company (CFR) and the Bucharest Mayor’s Office (PMB) will build an intermodal station in the Basarab Railway Station area, that is, a tram stop on the Basarab Bridge, complete with elevators, escalators and access walkways leading into the North Railway Station, Mediafax reports. To implement the joint project, CFR SA and PMB will sign a cooperation agreement in which the obligations and rights of the two institutions will be clearly stipulated. Thus, CFR will provide the necessary field, the architecture plans, plans for electric and mechanical installations, as well as other studies and technical plans that the company may provide. PMB will fund and complete works for the tram stop, the construction of canopies in the Grivita and Basarab area, as well as works needed to set up the elevators, escalators and walkways leading to the North Railway Station.

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