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May 18, 2021

First public-private partnership penitentiary to be built near Ploiesti

The first public-private partnership jail in Romania would be erected in the commune of Berceni, near the city of Ploiesti, and could become operational in the first half of 2013. It would be a maximum security prison.

Ioan Bala, director of the National Prison Authority (ANNP), told a press conference yesterday that plans had already been drafted aimed at construction of the Berceni prison, with the Embassy of The Netherlands in Romania covering the cost of design via a relevant programme. Mediafax reported that Bala provided no insight into what the construction cost would be or other information about the project. He however stated that the partnership with the yet-unknown private investor supposes the Romanian state would fully reimburse the construction cost over a period of time to be established later on.

The investor relying on the prison workforce is another incentive the project winner will get, with the “profit share to be decided along with the other details. What is clear however is the state will definitely be responsible for everything that means guarding, control and the detention policy,” Ioan Bala said, according to whom the prison will be erected on the premises of a former army base that the Ministry of Defence yielded to the National Prison Authority. “We hope all the red tape issues will be resolved by the fourth quarter of this year over the ownership right on the 26-hectare tract of land, as well as the tender procedures. Once the land is handed over, we estimate an execution and equipping deadline of 16-18 months,” Bala also said.

The ANP held yesterday’s press conference after the Executive Wednesday passed a list of objectives going to be constructed under a public-private partnership in Romania in the upcoming period, among which a prison construction.

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