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September 27, 2021

17-kg tumour removed by surgeons at Bucharest’s St. Pantelimon Hospital

A woman in her seventies yesterday underwent surgery at the St. Pantelimon hospital in Bucharest, during which she was removed a 17-kilogram ovarian cyst, according to Dr. Ludmila Gheorghiu, spokeswoman for the hospital.

The patient checked into hospital last week, a aware of having a cyst on her right ovary for the past two years. Meanwhile, the cyst grew in size, and weight to 17 kilograms. “She wanted to undergo surgery as she could not walk anymore on account of her huge abdomen. She weighed 60 kilograms before surgery, and got to 40 kg afterwards,” Dr. Gheorghiu said, according to whom the surgery was uneventful, and doctors took tumour samples for analysis. “This is the first time we removed so big a tumour. The surgeon team was led by Gynaecological surgeon Vasile Butuc. The patient is in good condition in the Intensive Care Unit,” the hospital spokeswoman also said.

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