Crime rate declines in

During the 1st of May mini-holiday, the number of reported crimes dropped by 7 pc, while law enforcement authorities ordered sanctions worth RON 30,000 and seized goods worth RON 120,000, the Romanian Police announced yesterday. Over 15,000 policemen were in the street during the traditional mini-holiday at the beginning of May, in a move that curbed the crime rate by 7 pc year-on-year. Police officers found out 1,059 crimes, more than half of them (667) in the act, and identified 944 suspects, of which 45 were apprehended and 44 were subjects of national and international search warrants. No extraordinary incident was reported during this interval, and the incidence of violent crimes decreased, due to increase Police presence in the streets. Compared to the same period of last year, the number of judiciary crimes dropped by an approximate 8 pc, and the crime rate decreased by about 7 pc.

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