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August 12, 2022

Nicolae Breban steps down from

Nicolae Breban, accused of having collaborated with the Securitate, announced he would step down from the Writers’ Guild board (USR). Nicolae Manolescu, the Romanian Writers’ Guild chairman, argued “there was never any talk of having Breban expelled.” The writer’s announcement comes in response to being criticized, by Nicolae Manolescu, in an editorial carried out in “Romania literara”, where he was called “an agent of influence.” In a letter titled “Shame on you, Mr. N. Manolescu!”, Breban argues the head of USR slandered him both during the USR board meetings, as well as in the articles published in “Romania literara”, in reference to his being declared a Securitate collaborator by the National Council for the Study of Securitate Archives (CNSAS), on April 4. Breban argues his decision to leave USR was influenced by this conflict. Nicolae Manolescu stated, however: “There was never any talk of having him expelled.”

The ruling declaring Nicolae Breban a Securitate collaborator was issued in March, and a suit by which CNSAS calls for a public acknowledgment of the writer’s Securitate collaborator status was filed at the Bucharest Court of Appeal – the Legal and Administrative Section, on April 4. According to CNSAS, Breban started his collaboration with the Securitate on February 18, 1977, and used to blackguard his fellow-writers, Paul Goma, Mircea Eliade and Monica Lovinescu, at the Securitate. The writer was in communication with General Plesita, first deputy of the then Interior Minister. The first hearing in the CNSAS vs. Nicolae Breban suit was set, by the court, on September 12.

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