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August 12, 2022

Negotiations over second tier

Blaga wants vote in alphabetical order, Boc wants vote per organization at congress.

The Democrat-Liberals are in full process of negotiation over leading positions ahead of the May 14 National Convention, in parallel with visits in the country made by the main candidates for party president. Some of the leaders have already made their preference public. MEP Cristian Preda, for example, has announced that he would support Toader Paleologu’s motion. Other ones, such as Valeriu Stoica, have announced their intention to step back from the party front lines while some others are dreaming about top positions. While Preda’s argument for supporting Paleologu’s candidacy was the fact that new faces rather than clones are needed in Romanian politics, Stoica told Mediafax that he was going to drop all positions he has in PDL and would completely dedicate himself to the Institute for Popular Studies.

According to Gandul newspaper, the Boc-Blaga negotiations for the top positions in PDL are almost over, with two options being discussed by the two of them in a blitz meeting at the Government on Monday. The final decision on the various candidacies was to be made before tonight. The quoted source claims the first option supported by Emil Boc’s team is that if one of the candidates gathers two thirds of the delegates’ votes the same weight of votes will be taken into account for the distribution of positions in the groups supporting the winning motion. The second choice endorsed by Vasile Blaga’s people is that each of the two sides will establish its candidates for a maximum of 40 per cent of positions, with the remaining 20 per cent to go to the supporters of the winning motion.

Starting from these two options, the interests of some of the party older or more recent party leaders in what regards second and third tier positions have become subject of speculation. The Blaga group would like one of the four first vice-president positions for the leader of PDL in Caras Severin, Sorin Frunzaverde, and the post of secretary general for Cezar Preda. The other three positions of first vice-president would be reserved for Boc’s people, two of the candidates being already known: Gheorghe Flutur and Gheorghe Falca. Radu Berceanu would like to be a vice-president and the current first vice-president Adriean Videanu will step back from the top leadership of PDL to lead the newly-founded National Commission for Strategies, a position which is the equivalent of the one of president. Party sources quoted by Gandul newspaper say Paleologu who has a tiny chance to win, will be rewarded with a position of vice-president.

On the other hand, Blaga and Berceanu have denied any negotiations with Boc’s people. During a visit to Slatina, on Tuesday, Vasile Blaga said he and Emil Boc had not discussed the way in which the internal election was to be organised, but stressed out that he would like the delegates to vote in alphabetical order as it was ten years ago when Traian Basescu was elected president of the party, by that opposing Boc’s intention to have a per-organisation voting process.

Boc campaigns on minibus, but escorted by spp

PM Emil Boc made a campaign visit to Amara and Calarasi on Tuesday, where he presented his motion in the party election. He went to both places on a minibus accompanied by his campaign staff, saying he had renounced the Government car because he wanted to travel together with his team to have a chance to discuss politics and governance matters while on the road. He actually made such decision having been accused of the fact that he had been campaigning on tax-payers’ money. In Amara, Boc refused to talk to the locals arguing that he was there for party matters, but the TV channels captured him on camera while being escorted by the official convoy of

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