Damian Draghici’s farewell concert

The celebrated Roma musician Damian Draghici will appear, on Sunday, in Bucharest, in his last concert. The artist intends to retire from the musical scene, arguing ambition, rather than passion, motivated his embarking on a musical career. Coming from a family of musicians, Draghici stated, yesterday, in a press conference, that he had been forced to become a singer. He did not provide any details regarding an alternative career, saying merely that he would make a decision when he found something he would feel truly passionate about.

The concert marking the end of the artist’s career, “Classical Meets Jazz”, is organized by Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR), alongside the Bright Light Foundation. The concert will consist in a mixture of classical music and jazz, of violin and Pan’s flute, and will have, as protagonists, Damian Draghici and Nigel Kennedy, accompanied by a hundred of violins. The pieces from the world classical repertoire will be interspersed with excerpts from the repertoire of great Romanian musicians, George Enescu, Maria Tanase, Grigoras Dinicu, Fanica Luca and Georges Boulanger (Gheorghe Pantazi).

Even if he is to renounce his present career, Draghici means to initiate a campaign for the Roma community in Romania. This campaign targets mainly professionals of Roma ethnicity. The target is to persuade these to officially declare their ethnicity, to highlight the fact that Roma have the potential for self-improvement and can embark on any kind of career. According to the artist, there are already a lot of people of some repute at a national level who wish to publicly acknowledge their Roma ethnicity, people who have kept this a secret until now.
Venue: Constitution Square, 7.30pm

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