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May 17, 2021

Discontent among ‘local barons’ over USL

Part of the Social-Democrat Party’s “local barons” are threatening to cancel their local protocols with the National Liberal Party for the creation of the Social Liberal Union, angry that at local elections next year, they may have to support Liberal candidates, according to Realitatea.net. However, none of them officially admits to any discontent. Among those who are most displeased with having to work with the Liberals at local level is the head of PSD Bacau, Viorel Hrebenciuc, who might have to support Liberal Romeo Stavarache win another term as mayor of the city next year, the TV channel said.

According to sources quoted by Realitatea, Hrebenciuc has another candidate in mind and even warned PSD leader Victor Ponta that he is unwilling to back Stavarache in the race, even if this might break the local USL protocol. When asked to comment on the reports, however, Hrebenciuc denied. “It’s nonsense. It’s the last thing I would do. (…) It doesn’t matter what problems I have with the liberals here. USL is a good alliance and it must live on,” he told the TV channel. Vrancea County Council president Marian Oprisan made similar comments, although sources say he does not like the idea of using PSD resources to help Liberal candidates, according to Realitatea.net. Dan Nica, a leading member of the Galati branch, and Gheorghe Nichita from Iasi also have problems managing their relationship with PNL and they plan to ask Ponta to come up with solutions, the sources said.

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