School principal, accused of sexual aggression

The principal of a school in Valcea County, Ion Predescu, is accused, by eighth grade-students, of sexual aggression. The parents have filed complaints at the police only now, although the principal had had an inappropriate attitude towards the girls for some time, according to “Evenimentul Zilei”. The scandal broke out when the girls complained to the other teachers about the principal’s behaviour. The latter threatened the girls that “unless they keep quiet, they will get straight Fs and end up repeating the school year”.

The teachers in the school were aware of the principal’s unfortunate habits, but kept quiet because the girls had never complained. Five students and ex-students have been heard by the prosecutors as yet.

The principal, aged 60, who has also been an independent member on the local council for two terms now, denies all charges and claims they have been fabricated by his political opponents. He is persuaded the girls cannot prove anything as they have no evidence. However, he resigned from his position later yesterday, according to Mediafax.

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