Jobbik MEP opens office in Satu Mare

Hungarian MEP Szegedi Csanad, member of the far-right party Jobbik, opened Saturday in Satu Mare his second territorial office on Romanian soil, after that of Targu Mures, Mediafax reports. On the occasion, the EuroDeputy told journalists that he supports the self-determining of the ethnic Hungarian population living in the Szekler territories and the Partium zone. “If we consider the percentage of Hungarians living in Transyl­vania, we can see that a majority of about 700,000 lives in the Szekler land and another high percentage in the Partium, here in Crisana and Satu Mare. This is why I opened the first office in Targu Mures and the second in Satu Mare,” Szegedi explained.

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