PDL, Bucharest Mayor at odds over referendum issue

The Bucharest referendum scheduled on May 19 is creating discord between Bucharest Prefect Mihai Cristian Atanasoaei and the representatives of PDL Bucharest on one side and Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu on the other. “(…) the General Mayor should have immediately filed to the President of the Bucharest Court the General Council’s decision number 63/13.04.2011, a decision that set the date of the local referendum, so that he could have appointed the President of the local Electoral Bureau by casting lots. Likewise, the General Mayor should have established the headquarters of the local Electoral Bureau, its endowments and should have appointed its auxiliary technical staff,” a Bucharest Prefecture communiqué reads, being quoted by Mediafax.

In their turn, PDL representatives accuse Oprescu of showing disinterest towards organizing the referendum, stating that he has become Andrei Chiliman’s direct political subordinate. In reply, Oprescu claims that there are no delays in organizing the referendum, accusing PDL’s representatives within the General Council of postponing a decision on the number of questions to be included in the referendum. Oprescu argues that lowering the number of questions in the referendum would mean lower expenses too since each question will have its own ballot.


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