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January 26, 2023

League I: Poli Timisoara at risk of relegation

Poli Timisoara is on second place in the League I rankings with two legs to go before the end of the current season, and has a real chance to win the title considering that it is just one point behind the leader. Nevertheless, administrative problems put the team at risk of being relegated and of having its last leg game against Dinamo canceled.

Otelul owner Marian Stan and Steaua owner Gigi Becali accuse Poli Timisoara owner Marian Iancu of transferring his club’s debt on the name of another company, something that violates the club licensing regulations. Although Iancu at first claimed there is no problem with his club’s licensing and the debt transfer is perfectly legal, things are starting to grow complicated. According to ‘ProSport,’ Iancu and Gheorghe Chivorchian, chairman of the club’s Administrative Council, arrived at the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) headquarters on Tuesday in order to back their club’s licensing file for the 2011/2012 season. On their arrival the two were confident, however after their meeting with the Licensing Commission they seemed fairly worried and they paid a visit to FRF President Mircea Sandu. “Mr. Iancu paid me a visit. The reason was the licensing issue, but I clearly told him I can’t do anything! I can’t intervene,” Mircea Sandu stated, being quoted by Prosport.

Poli Timisoara has other problems too. Pitesti Sporting Club has filed to FRF and the Professional Football League (LPF) a letter asking the two bodies to prevent Poli from playing its last leg game against Dinamo on May 21. The reason: Poli’s failure to pay a debt of EUR 10,000. The debt appeared after Timisoara bought Laszlo Sepsi from Pitesti SC. Poli Timisoara has until May 18 to pay this debt. Marian Iancu claims Poli Timisoara was not informed about the decision taken by the FRF’s Appeals Commission but that it will pay that debt the moment it receives the notification from the aforementioned Commission.

Poli Timisoara will play against Otelul Galati on Sunday. The away game counts for leg 33 and is crucial in the race for the title. Losing the game would leave Poli out of the race, while any other result would postpone the outcome for the last leg when Poli will play against Dinamo and Otelul against Astra.

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