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December 4, 2021

Over 200 dogs found dead in Botosani kennel

City Hall claims the dogs were euthanized on account of being ill. Animal protection NGOs claim the animals were killed in cold blood.

A huge row erupted in Botosani after 230 dogs that were in the City Hall’s care were found dead in the kennel. The gruesome discovery was made by members of animal protection NGOs.
Several police officers were sent on the scene. According to Mediafax, the kennel’s employees started to behave aggressively when the press and police showed up, using water hoses and throwing bricks.
Police officers have started an investigation, trying to ascertain whether the dogs were legally euthanized. City Hall representatives claim the dogs were euthanized because they were severely ill. “It was a hotbed of mange, a highly transmissible disease. There was an outbreak of mange in early April. 61 dogs died. Another 30 died in 5 days’ time this May. The Veterinary Office gave us the result of the samples and we were legally forced to order their euthanasia otherwise we risked having an outbreak in the whole city,” Deputy Mayor Florin Gheorghita stated for Antena 3. In what concerns the kennel’s employees who behaved aggressively when the journalists showed up, the Deputy Mayor stated that their behavior is unacceptable. “We have to understand that the lowest of the low work there. We will conduct an administrative investigation and they will be held accountable,” the Deputy Mayor stated.
ngo: dogs were murdered, not euthanized
Representatives of the Botosani-based ‘Ador’ animal protection NGO claim that the local authorities’ explanations are not plausible since there were traces of blood in the kennel and the dogs’ bodies showed signs of violence. “Mange exists for a long time, ever since I’ve started monitoring the kennels, since the infected animals are not kept separate from the healthy ones. They are not fed on time. If they’re not properly cared for they will contract all kinds of illnesses, as any other beings would. We took dogs out of there before, they were adopted in Botosani and they’re healthy. A mange outbreak is not that dangerous, the animals can be treated,” Lidia Nistor, ‘Ador’ volunteer, stated for stiri.botosani.ro.
Marius Marinescu, the initiator of the Animal Protection Law, stated yesterday that the Botosani City Hall rounded up over 200 dogs from the streets, took them “to a so-called kennel where they were killed in cold blood.” He asked the police to take note that a crime punishable by 6 months to 3 years in jail has been committed.

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