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October 4, 2022

Prince Paul criticises separation from House of Hohenzollern

Prince Paul of Romania (who is however not recognised by the Romanian Royal House) criticised King Mihai’s decision to sever all historical and dynastic ties with the House of Hohenzollern. Prince Paul told Pro TV News that King Mihai’s decision to give up the name ‘Hohenzollern’ was a big mistake.

“At this moment, I find it very difficult to understand this gesture, we have very good ties with Karl (of Hohenzollern),” Prince Paul said. He added that Karl of Hohenzollern also officially recognised him as one of his descendants.
King Mihai’s decision, announced on Monarch Day on Tuesday, may seem hard to understand at a first glance. In an official document released to the media, King Mihai I announced that he was severing all ties with the House of Hohenzollern, in line with a 1921 decision made by his grandfather, King Ferdinand I. Moreover, he said members of the Romanian Royal House would give up any titles bestowed upon them by the heads of the House of Hohenzollern and would no longer use the names Hohen­zollern, Hohenzollern-Sigma­ringen or Hohenzollern-Veringen. The document underlines that the decision was made in order to give a national and independent nature to the Royal House of Romania.

A lawyer for the Royal House, Ioan Luca Vlad, explained that the decision was rather formal and is unlikely to have any major effects. “There are only formal effects. The royal family of Romania will no longer be called ‘of Hohenzollern.’ In other words, it’s incorrect to say they are ‘of Hohenzollern.’  There will be no other consequences,” Vlad told Pro TV News. He said the decision will not affect the line of succession either, because this aspect has already been clarified. “The succession was regulated in 2007 (…) and clearly says that the family of Hohenzollern is not to succeed the Romanian royal family. (…) This is a decision that affirms the national identity of the Romanian royal family. They are not Germans, but Romanians,” the lawyer added.

A historian quoted by HotNews.ro expressed a similar point of view. Filip-Lucian Iorga said the document released by the Royal House was not a surprise, but “confirmation of reality.” The historian said actual ties between the Romanian Royal House and the House of Hohenzollern were severed in 1916, when King Ferdinand I decided to enter World War I against Germany and his own family.

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