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November 26, 2022

Turkey, among top vegetable suppliers on Romanian market

Facts show Romania is, at the moment, dependant on the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers coming from Turkey or the EU, despite its potential for farming, “Romania Libera” reports. Sadly for Romania, Turks are much more adept at making farming a lucrative business, claiming the seventh position in the world’s vegetable and fruit-producers ranking. Besides its potential for tourism, the Antalya region is the area with the highest concentration of greenhouses in Turkey. Over half of the region’s annual exports, of USD 1 bln, consist in farming produce. Cafer Salcan, ex-logistics manager at DHL Turkey, was appointed on the board of administration of a cooperative owned by Haspak, one of the top three Turkish tomato-exporters, and was offered, as incentive, a minority share package in Haspak. The target was a simple one: as many Haspak tomatoes as possible should end up on the Europeans’ tables. When the total production of the 250 farmers who joined Haspak is not enough to cover the daily orders from retailers, the company completes its stock from the “vegetable stock exchange” on Antalya’s bulk market. This is the largest in Turkey, has 2,000 employees and trades, annually, three million tonnes of vegetable and fruit, amounting to over EUR 600 M, according to its manager, Risa Uysal. Out of these, 60 pc go to exports, those to Romania included.

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