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February 1, 2023

Waste collection system costs EUR 1.8 bln

Romania needs an approximate EUR 1.8 bln to implement at country level a selective waste collection system, instead of the current chute & dump norm, the head of the National Environment Guard, Silvian Ionescu said yesterday, quoted by Mediafax. “We must find funds and make a state investment, because we speak about 60,000 blocks of apartments in Romania, each with 3-4 stairways, with 5-6 floors per stairway, which gives a population of 5-6 million with no mean to participate in the selective waste collection system,” Ionescu said in a press conference on the sustainable development of Bucharest.

According to the source, the current system where trash is thrown down the chute to a dump must be replaced by a color-based selective collection system for paper, plastic and glass, separate from the household waste.
Talks with Hungarian officials that implemented a similar project led to the conclusion that installing such a system would cost EUR 30,000 per block of flats. “For the time being, this is an incipient issue we discovered last month,” Ionescu said. The official added that he does not know what financing sources will be available for this move, and authorities have no such project in development. During recent talks with the European Commission, Romanian representatives had to endure strong criticism over the lack of selective waste collection throughout the country. Only 1 pc of Romanian waste is collected this way, compared to the EU average of 24 pc, Ionescu said. According to the same source, the lack of cash and means should be supplanted by education, but also by harsh sanctions.

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