Diverse exhibitions at National History Museum

2pm to 2am, 12 Calea Victoriei

“Historia Viva – Trajan’s Column” is a historical re-enactment project which includes projections of 3D re-compositions of Trajan’s Forum in Rome and the Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa Forum, special guided tours for children starting from the copy of Trajan’s Column and a workshop for teachers.

The documentary photography micro-exhibition “Museum Memory through Public Archaeology” calls the public’s attention to the “hidden” history of the building which now hosts the museum, which was originally one of the old Bucharest inns.

The exhibit of the month: “The Romanian Kings’ Crown” presents, in a temporary micro-exhibition, this object of major symbolic importance for national history, as well as the documentary “Coroana Romaniei” (The Romanian Crown), produced by the Sahia Studios, in partnership with the National History Museum and the National Cotroceni Museum.

The exhibition “’70s/’80s. Our Youth”: This temporary exhibition, organized in partnership with the National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives, will include a series of guided tours, accompanied by film projections and conferences on related topics.

New halls to open at National Geology Museum 8:30pm – 1am, 2 Kiseleff Ave

On the European Long Night of Museums, the complex of halls “Geology of Romania” in the National Geology Museum, as well as the “Useful and Ornamental Rocks” hall, will be reopened in full, and the “Ludovic Mrazec” hall will be inaugurated. A jewellery and crystals sale-exhibition will also be open for visitors.

6-6.40pm – Romanian Gendarmerie’s brass band concert
6.45-8.30pm – Taraful Pandurilor and soloists Claudia Ghitulescu and Marcel Gug
8.30-8.50pm – Mediadocs launches the Discovery Channel documentary collection “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”. The series brings together the most brilliant minds and ideas in astrophysics, astrobiology, quantum mechanics, string theory and many other fields.

9-9.30pm – Thin-section photography exhibition “Axiome minerale” (Mineral Axioms – photographer: Dan Besliu).
Early music at “George Enescu” National Museum
8pm to 5am, 141 Calea Victoriei
8pm – “Dinu Lipatti” National Art College Symphonic Orchestra – conductors: Nicolae Racu and Andrei Racu
10pm – Five” Blowers’ Quintet: Adrian Duminica – clarinet, Vlad Buzdugan – horn, Gratian Papara – flute, Valentin Ghita – oboe, Gabriel Sava – bassoon
12pm – “Anton Pann” Early Music Ensemble – conductor – Constantin Raileanu.

Culinary recipes and menus on display at National Archives

The exhibition “Retete culinare si meniuri. O incercare de istorie gastronomica” (Culinary recipes and menus. A sketch of a gastronomic history) opens on Friday, at 2pm, at the central office of the Romanian National Archives in Bucharest, an event included in the “Museum Night” cultural marathon. The exhibition will be opened to the public between May 16 and September 16, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between 9am and 4pm, and on Tuesday and Thursday, between 9am and 6pm.

Folklore at “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum

9am to 2pm, 28 Kiseleff Ave
10am: “La moara” Shadow Theatre (Gheorghe Focsa Exhibition Hall)
11am: “Din sat in sat, din loc in loc” (From village to village, from place to place) photography exhibition, authors: Andrei Vocurek, Sura Bancu
1pm: Doina Baraganului folk ensemble (Slobozia, Ialomita County)
10am – 2pm: Interactive workshops – pottery,  weaving, folk masks, and egg painting.

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