Media: Antonescu’s alliance with Ponta pushes PNL to the left

Three months after forming an alliance with the Social-Democrats, the Liberals are winning new left-wing voters, ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ (EVZ) wrote yesterday, quoting an opinion poll ordered by Antena 3 and conducted by CCSB.
According to the poll conducted on May 2-3, 19 per cent of PNL’s electorate defines itself as being left-wing, while PDL, the other right-wing party, garners only 9 per cent of PSD’s traditional voters.

At the same time, the poll shows that PNL is sliding towards the centre, a move that differs from its traditional position on the political spectrum. 32 per cent of PNL voters place themselves at the centre on the political spectrum, while in PDL’s case that level stands at only 14 per cent.

The opinion poll also shows that 23 per cent of right-wing voters identify themselves with PNL, while 32 per cent identify themselves with PDL. At the same time, Romanians that consider themselves to be poor would rather vote for PNL than PDL, 18 per cent of the poor and 24 per cent of the rich preferring PNL. In PDL’s case those percentages are 15 and 30 per cent respectively.

Political analyst Cristian Parvulescu considers that the high percentage of left-wing voters that prefer PNL is understandable and expected following the Liberals’ alliance with the Social-Democrats.
“It’s an expected loss for PNL, which has become a party that garners votes from across the board. Now PSD is no longer a reputable party, so all those in doubt will prefer PNL,” Parvulescu stated, being quoted by EVZ.

In his turn, sociologist Mircea Kivu believes that while PNL is growing in the preferences of Romanians that consider themselves left-wing voters the party is showing a visible move towards the centre of the political spectrum.
“PNL is now a centre-right party and that’s a change considering its traditional positioning,” Kivu said. He believes that for the time being this is not a problem for PNL. On the long term however PNL could have a problem with its political identity.

“PNL won’t be in an alliance with PSD forever. When the alliance ends PNL will enter a competition with PDL, a party which also claims a large part of the right-wing electorate,” Kivu added.

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