Press: Presidential residence upkeep cost – a secret

According to the Jurnalul National newspaper, the State Patrimony and Protocol Administration (RAAPPS) refuses to make public the cost generated by the president’s family stay at the ‘Vila Lac 3’ residence in the Primaverii District. The same source announces that Traian Basescu has specifically requested ‘Vila Lac 3’ as presidential residence, even before taking the oath as president, after the 2004 elections. ‘Vila Lac 3’ features an in-built area of 1,045 square meters, a tennis court of 684 sq.m., a skating rink of 308 sq.m., a pontoon, marble pillars inside, exotic wood imported from Brazil, and Indonesia, stone from India and China.

Journalists say they asked RAAPPS to provide the upkeep-related information based on the law of the free access to information of public interest, but the Administration has not answered the request yet, one month and a half after they addressed it. Furthermore, the newspaper alleges that ‘Vila Lac 3’ was secretively transferred from the public property of the state to the private property of the state, the same as ‘Vila Lac 1,’ ‘Vila Lac 2,’ and the Snagov Palace, under Government Decree 1088 of November 3, 3010. The same act removes several plots of land and auxiliary buildings from the patrimony of these properties, so they can be purchased buy their current tenants, at significantly undervalued prices.

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