Club A celebrating 42nd birthday in style

The most famous students’ club in Bucharest marks its 42nd birthday by a marathon festival that kicked off last Friday, which Bucharest’s Old City has never seen the like of. The “Club A” festival, running until May 18, brings to the public’s attention a venue which has made cultural and artistic history both before and after 1989. Also a premiere, the Old City area will host a Festival of the Arts, in which Architecture students invite the public to a street show conceived as a student’s creations parade. A total 42 bands will go on stage, 43 street actions are scheduled and 42 artistic personalities who left their mark on the Club will meet the Bucharest public. The festival will also include exhibitions, book launches and film screenings. The public will also have a chance to visit the Club A Rock Museum and meet folk, rock, jazz and electro musicians.

Concert programme


Suie Paparude [9:30pm], Zob [8:30], Partizan [7:30], Mircea Vintila & Brambura [6:30], Tiptil [5:30], Blue Pulse [4:30],
Central Warehouse [3:30]
Tuesday: Cargo [9:30pm], Parazitii [8:30], Sarmalele Reci [7:30], Spitalul de Urgenta [6:30], Tapinarii [5:30], The MOOoD [4:30], X-Plod [3:30]
Wednesday: Iris [9:30pm], OCS [8:30], Nicu Covaci [7:30], Blazzaj [6:30], Mike Godoroja & Blue Spirit [5:30], Voodoo [4:30], Stonebox [3:30]

For further information, visit the website.
Venue: Old City – Lipscani-Carada

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