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January 27, 2022

Europe Eye – new private ophthalmology hospital in Bucharest

The European Eye Centre, a company in which Turkish capital makes up the majority, has invested USD 20 M in a private ophthalmology hospital in Bucharest, a hospital inaugurated yesterday in Bucharest.

The Europe Eye Hospital has a total surface of 10,000 square meters, eight surgery rooms and 12 consultation rooms. The hospital also has 30 rooms for patients, three VIP wards and four post-surgery wards. The hospital can consult 600 patients per day and conduct 30,000 general ophthalmology surgeries and 25,000 laser surgeries (including corneal transplant surgeries) per year. The new hospital will offer full diagnosis, surgery and treatment services at European standards and will treat ophthalmologic diseases such as glaucoma, eye traumas, retina affections and eye infections. The unit will employ 30 surgeons.

Hospital Director Prof. Dr. Benone Carstocea stated that he plans to sign a contract with the National Health Insurance House, explaining that ophthalmology surgeries are very expensive and the earmarking of state financing would be useful. Glaucoma and eyesight problems caused by age and diabetes are the most frequent ophthalmologic problems in Romania. According to the latest estimates, approximately 150,000 Ro­manians have been diagnosed with glaucoma, but that figure represents only 50 per cent of the total number of Romanians suffering from this disease.

Europe Eye will also be endowed with a mobile clinic for diagnosis and surgery. The mobile clinic will offer free examinations and care to Romanians living in underprivileged areas. Company representatives have pointed out that they are currently looking for financial partners for this investment, an investment that stands at over half a million EUR. The mobile clinic will employ a total of 120 persons.  Premier Emil Boc and Bucharest Mayor So­rin Oprescu attended the hospital’s inauguration.

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