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October 22, 2021

Bucharest’s sewage problem about to get resolved

The Capital will have a unified sewage-disposal system once rain-induced sewer blockages are removed

Apa Nova, Bucharest’s water utility company, will eliminate by late 2012 blockages in the wastewater system below The Dambovita River, under Addendum no 7 to the Bucharest public water supply and sewage concession contract. The additional document, which certifies “Apa Nova” being given in concession the wastewater collection sewage canal under the Dambovita River, the water utility operator pledges to take part in the putting into practice of a strategy on a joint sewage system in Bucharest, given the major disturbances created in the current sewage system, mostly during downpours.

Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu said that Apa Nova will have to eliminate no fewer than 25 major blockages, to provide the installations required for the disposal of wastewater into The Dambovita River and the Glina station, and to clean the wastewater system. “The conditions are met for sewage system problems to get resolved. (…) I’m set to go all the way and stick to made promises, even if some put hurdles in my way,” Mediafax quoted the Capital’s general mayor as saying.

Also attending the event, Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely said that Apa Nova will take care of stage 2 of the project, as stage 1 concerns investments worth EUR 108 M into the Glina station. Stage 2 will cost EUR 353 M, of which EUR 250 M allotted to Environment, with the remainder being split between Apa Nova and the Bucharest City Hall, as far as I know. We must move fast, given the tight timetable and we must spend the money by early 2012 at the latest. I hope, phase 2 will get approved in early 2012, Borbely said, who added that the wastewater collection system is 17.7 km-long and consists of 12 main canals and 11 secondary ones.

Apa Nova CEO Bruno Roche expressed his belief that the latest additional document will bring with it a better quality sewage system, adding that the end-goal is creating a unified water sewage-disposal system.

The Bucharest sewage system collects both household and industrial water which is then disposed into The Dambovita River.

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