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December 7, 2021

Democrat-Liberals promise to better select the candidates to public positions

In its first meeting, the new PDL leadership pledged to draft an ethical code that will bar the people with problems of integrity.

After the BPN meeting, vice-president Sever Voinescu announced that PDL, under the coordination of first vice-president Gheorghe Flutur, will soon evaluate the party’s nominations for public positions, while Monica Macovei and Daniel Buda will draft an ethical code within 30 days. According to Voinescu, such code is needed because the party admits that it made mistakes in certain situations and appointed people with problems of integrity or professionalism to positions of public importance. Future nominations will be more carefully considered “in terms of integrity and professionalism.” In his turn, PM Emil Boc brought up the issue on the public TV Monday night, saying that PDL did not always make the best nominations for public functions, which was detrimental to the party as a whole. “We need a filter to analyse the integrity and professionalism of these nominations,” he admitted.

Boc defends the counselor he sent to Barcelona

In the same TV interview, the premier defended his former counselor Cynthia Curt, whom he appointed as general consul in Barcelona, sparking protest and criticism in the media. Yesterday, PSD Diaspora announced that it will soon organise a protest rally against the nomination. The premier however said that the professional background of his former counselor qualifies her for this position, because he took a doctorate in international relations and has worked 12 to 16 hours a day as state counselor. The head of the government was asked if Curt should not have graduated the Diplomatic Institute, given the nature of her mission. “She graduated a special course with this respect, and the title of doctor in international relations is far more important than graduating such a school,” he answered.

First vice-presidents get in business

The National Permanent Bureau of PDL on Monday held its first meeting after the national convention, and assigned specific attributions to the four first vice-presidents of the party, allowing them to co-opt a number of vice-presidents to assist them. Thus, first vice-president Roberta Anastase will be in charge with the image of the party, public communication and relation with the members of the Parliament, Gheorghe Flutur will coordinate the HR policy of PDL, the functioning of specific committees and territorial branches, Sorin Frunzaverde will manage the international relations of the party, and Teodor Baconschi will coordinate the relation with the civil society. The matters pertaining to doctrine and ideology will be the responsibility of both Frunzaverde and Baconschi.

Blaga stays close to PDL

Speaking about his former rival for the presidency of PDL, Boc said that he had a private conversation with Vasile Blaga and proposed him to keep his position of secretary general, but Blaga turned down the idea. Boc gave assurance that Blaga will be co-opted in the leading team, “one way or another.”  On the same occasion, the premier rejected Blaga’s previous statement about party decisions being made outside PDL: “Blaga has always been with me, in all decisions, and no decision has been made outside the leading structures.” Boc also rejected Blaga’s accusations regarding public nominations. “We discussed these things in the party and Mr. Blaga knows very well what he speaks of. (…) There was an internal discussion about all the nominations that have been made,” he stated.

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