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May 24, 2022

Romania needs a press law

The Chairman of the Human Rights Committee in the Senate, Gyorgy Frunda, said, on Tuesday, that, in the course of the current season,  the Parliament would need to adopt a press law ‘to put some order in a field which, sometimes, is too free and causes personal harm’. He made the statement on the occasion of the debate by the Committee of the 2010 ‘Freedom of the press in Romania’ report prepared by the Press Monitoring Agency (AMP).

The senator emphasised the fact that all the representatives of political parties had spoken in favour of the independence of the press and against censorship, as well as for the defence of the citizen from all forms of abuse by the state by untrue and unfair reporting. PNL Senator Emilian Francu advocated the adoption of a statute of professional journalism. ‘It doesn’t seem fair to me to allow anyone to write anything and call themselves journalists,’ explaining that the public usually trusts more what professional journalists say.

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