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January 21, 2022

Survey: Opposition USL drops, still in the lead

A CSOP survey ordered by Democrat Liberal Senator Radu Berceanu shows that the opposition Social Liberal Union (USL) still tops voters’ preferences, although it took a plunge from the 65% it was credited with in March.

The survey was made public by Berceanu on Monday, according to Realitatea.net. The poll was ordered by the senator for the PDL Convention on Saturday, but no results were released to the media then. The poll, based on interviews with 1,046 people, is structured in two categories: people who will vote and who declared their voting intentions (73%) and those who are very likely to vote (37%). In both categories, USL tops the ranking, with 53 and 52%, respectively. It is followed by PDL far behind, with 19 and 20%, respectively, the OTV owner Dan Diaconescu-led vehicle People’s Party (which however does not exist any more, with 11% and 12%), and the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (5% and 6%). However, most voters (68%) are dissatisfied with USL’s activity. An even higher number of respondents, 84% are dissatisfied with PDL’s work, the survey shows.

Another survey ordered by Realitatea TV and conducted by pollster IRES also ranks USL first in people’s preferences, at 54.5%, while PDL stands at 25.1%. Commenting on USL’s slight poll drop, political analyst Cristian Parvulescu believes this is caused by the fact the opposition alliance “does not satisfy” people’s expectations. He added that there is a large neo-legionary voting pool in Romania which could be tapped by the PDL with an extremist, anti-Hungarian message.

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