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Event exhibition: Sorin Ilfoveanu drawings

The display opened at AnnArt Gallery, titled “Desene 2008-2011”, includes over 100 drawings in pencil and Conte pencil and will runs until August 16, 2011.

The new contemporary art gallery AnnArt Gallery inaugurated, on Monday, its office on Mahatma Ghandi Street. The gallery’s debut project is a drawing exhibition signed by Sorin Ilfoveanu – a classic of Romanian contemporary art, as well as a prominent presence on the world exhibition scene, whose works are featured in exhibitions, museums and major private collections across the world, from Venice to Tokyo, from Bucharest and Oslo to Bucharest.

A student of the master Corneliu Baba, belonging to the same generation as Stefan Caltia and Sorin Dumitrescu, Sorin Ilfoveanu claims, now, a central position in the Romanian cultural landscape. Having maintained his artistic integrity, steering clear of realist-socialist commissions and celebratory portraits in the 1970s through the 1990s, an artist endowed with remarkable originality and creative strength, Sorin Ilfoveanu went on to influence entire generations of young artists – whom he had a chance to mould as a professor and dean of the Bucharest Faculty of Fine Arts. He was awarded the “Faithful Service” Order in the rank of High Officer.

The exhibition now on at the AnnArt Gallery, titled “Desene 2008-2011”, brings together over 100 drawings in pencil and Conte pencil, and will be running between May 17 and August 16, 2011. The catalogue for the exhibition, in turn, a fine book to read and gaze at, covers the five sections of the exhibition – “The Banquet”, “Radesti”, “Conte pencil drawings”, “Pitigaia” and “The Garden” – and opens with a study written by the visual art critic Aurelia Mocanu: “Now, at the artist’s 65 years of age, strong and ample drawings merge under frames nearly 1.5 m-high. Two vertical drawings are caught underneath a hinge-signature, traced above the joined margins (…). Human faces sprung out of a patch of land. We find, on the left, the land, and, on the right, the being.”

The AnnArt Gallery set out to promote young artists, as well as consecrated names of Romanian contemporary art, to launch high-quality portfolios on an emerging art market. The gallery proposes, as well, to bridge the gap between the artists and the public by means of an integrated, long-term, project, meant to develop real auction ratings, to provide quality information to the wider public and to take a professional approach to the art work and the art collector. The representatives of the gallery abide by the idea that art inspires and can change the reality around us.

“This new gallery made a positive impression on me: it seems to me a firm guarantee of quality, professionalism and creativity,” Sorin Ilfoveanu stated, in April 2011.

The gallery is in one of Bucha­rest’s heritage areas, in the vicinity of iconic architecture monuments – between the Romanian Peasant’s Museum and the Arc de Triomphe -, itself based in a building in the neo-Romanian style, dating from the early 20th century. In fact, the gallery’s first programmatic project was to ensure the conservation of the house’s traditional architecture, while providing it with the latest-generation exhibition technology.

Venue: AnnArt Gallery;

Address: 1 Mahatma Ghandi, Kiseleff entry;

Tel. no.: 031 437 95 33; www.annartgallery.ro

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