Blaga says PDL needs ‘full-time’ leader

In an interview to daily ‘Evenimentul Zilei,’ Democrat Liberal Senator Vasile Blaga said he does not agree to public debates about the possible appointment of a technocrat PM instead of Emil Boc, underlining that the topic should be discussed only within the party. Blaga, who lost last week’s election for PDL leader against Boc, underlined that it is up to the current premier if he stays head of government or not. He added however that PDL needs a “full-time” leader which can give the party more attention. In his opinion, the biggest problem the PDL is facing is that “the government is the one leading the party.” “Political debates have been absent from the organisation for a long time now,” he said.
Blaga underlined that PDL’s main objective remains that of winning local and legislative elections next year and added that in his view, it wasn’t “reform that got the party down in the polls, but the fact that we did not explain the measures we took.” He also said that if PDL loses next year’s election, it is very likely that Boc will be replaced as leader.

When asked whether at last week’s party convention, he was defeated by Boc or by President Traian Basescu, Blaga replied, “Emil Boc. (…) President Basescu is respected in PDL. Of course his endorsement had a certain influence. I don’t know how each delegate voted (…) but I’m sure it had an influence. How much? I don’t know. In the end, Emil Boc won.”

Blaga’s comments came amid recent reports that PM Boc may step down after his re-election as party leader, in order to be replaced with a technocrat or an independent, as President Basescu wants. However, several members of the ruling coalition denied any plans to see Boc replaced. Moreover, sources quoted by HotNews said the matter has been put off for the moment, as PDL’s priority at the moment is to analyse ministers’ activity in view of a possible cabinet reshuffle. “For the party, Boc’s resignation comes second, but President Basescu can bring the matter back into the spotlight if his strategy and calculations deem this necessary,” the sources said.

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