Bucharesters have the highest standard of living in Romania, Vaslui residents, the lowest

A standing put together by “Saptamana Financiara” on the standard of living across Romania showed Bucharesters having the largest amount of salary money after subtracting minimum food basket costs, followed by the residents of the counties of Ilfov and Cluj  At the opposite end of the scale, the residents of Vaslui County and those from areas with predominantly-Magyar population. Salary figures, the cost of staple foods, number of jobless, proportion of pensioners and active people per county and the GDP per capita show that Bucharesters enjoy the highest standard of living in Romania, given an average net pay of RON 2,005 and pensions of RON 947.

The low number of unemployed, 24, 775 to 851,311 employees also contributes to the findings. Ilfov Conty ranks second in the standings. The lowest average salary in Romania, RON 999, and pensions approaching the minimum of RON 625, put Vaslui County at the opposite end of the scale. The per capita GDP of EUR 2,513 also reflects the economic frailty of the place. On a positive note however, Vaslui County is also where the value of the minimum food basket it at its lowest, RON 213/ month.

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