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October 4, 2022

One killed, four injured on pedestrian crossings

The number of road accidents on pedestrian crossings continues to grow and with it the number of victims. A 35-year-old woman died yesterday after a lorry hit her on a pedestrian crossing in Slatina. Police officers state that in this case the woman was at fault because she tried to run across the street while the street light for pedestrians was red and the lorry driver did not see her in time. The hypothesis was confirmed by witnesses who state that the woman crossed the street after the street light for cars turned green. According to the same sources, the lorry dragged the woman for almost 40 meters. The woman died on the spot. She was suffering from epilepsy. Her boyfriend states he left her alone for just a few minutes. Police tests revealed that the lorry’s driver was not under the influence. Nevertheless, he will get a criminal file for involuntary manslaughter.

Four girls were hit by a car on a pedestrian crossing in Bucharest too. The accident took place on Wednesday evening in Bucharest’s Doamna Ghica neighborhood after a driver failed to respect the right of way. The young girls, with ages ranging from 16 to 20 years, were hospitalized with multiple fractures. “Preliminary investigations show that the 21-year-old driver hit the four young girls on the pedestrian crossing. A criminal investigation file has been opened,” Ioana Stancu, Traffic Police Brigade inspector, stated for Realitatea TV.

In a separate accident in Arad County yesterday, a 70-year-old woman died and three men were severely injured after a minibus crashed head-on into a passenger vehicle. The accident happened when the minibus driver took an abrupt turn to avoid hitting a vehicle in front of it, that had braked suddenly. The minibus ended up on the other lane and crashed into an incoming vehicle. Upon impact, an elderly woman in the latter vehicle died on the spot while the driver and two passengers in the minibus were severely injured and rushed to hospital.

A serious car crash took place on Wednesday evening in Constanta after a motorcyclist collided with a car driven by a Constanta County prosecutor. The car crash took place right in front of the Constanta County Police Inspectorate (IJP). The motorcyclist is in coma. Witnesses state that the motorcyclist lost his balance and violently collided with the prosecutor’s car. “He was speeding, he slightly touched the nose of a red car and then shockingly threw himself off the bike,” a witness said. In his turn, the driver of the hit car states that the motorcyclist simply fell on the road. “Because he was speeding he lost his balance, fell on the road and his motorcycle hit the car driven on the Nicolae Iorga street,” Gabriel Olteanu, Constanta Traffic Police representative, stated. Police officers will continue to investigate this case. Doctors claim that the motorcyclist has been stabilized but he continues to be in a serious condition.

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