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December 4, 2022

Prostitutes, beggars and offenders to look after District 1 community dogs

The decision will be enforced starting next week.

The prostitutes, panhandlers and offenders sentenced for not paying the fines issued for disturbing public peace, illegal parking or other offences, will take care of the community dogs sheltered at the Odai Shelter and will clean green areas in the county’s parks, schools and hospitals.

The decision was passed by the District 1 Local Council and will take effect next week.

Mediafax quoted the district authority as saying. “In district 1, there are thousands of unpaid fines issued to persons who didn’t comply with traffic regulations, the provisions on public order or peace, keeping public areas clean, not to mention fines issued for panhandling, prostitution or to those who parked their cars illegally. We will take them all to court, which will order them to do community work, said Iosif Balan, Deputy general director District 1 Police Department.

According to District 1 mayor Andrei Chiliman, community service applies to those private individuals residents of district 1 sentenced in court either for not paying fines or other offences.

The first offenders targeted are the people who have been issued more than two fines for failing to keep public areas clean, those who left picnic litter in parks, who didn’t clean the sidewalks of faeces eliminated by their pets.

The number of community service hours will be decided by the court. Local Police is in charge of deciding the type of work going to be performed by the person sentenced and the work schedule.

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