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August 18, 2022

Two Iasi County Council vice-presidents, under investigation

On Wednesday, the two, one from PSD and the other one from PNL, discovered video cameras hidden in the wall next to their office doors. The case is in an early stage and charges are not yet known.

The two vice-presidents of the Iasi County Council who have discovered surveillance video cameras planed in their offices by the National Anti-Corruption ­Direc­to­rate were interviewed by the prosecutors, yesterday, when they were informed that they were under investigation for the commission of criminal offences.

Liberal Victor Chirila and Social-Democrat Constantin Adascalitei are to be summoned at a later date to be informed of the charges against them. ‘It was a friendly discussion, but they did not tell us if it was a complaint someone had made against us. We are not going to panic and we are confident that the institutions of the state are doing their job properly and that the truth will come out,’ said CJ Iasi Vice-President Constantin Adascalitei, quoted by Mediafax.
The lawyer who defends them both noted the anti-corruption prosecutors had told them their cases were at an early stage of investigation, therefore they could not specify what the object of the case was and they could not produce any official papers. ‘DNA has blown it. The important thing is to know what set the action in motion. It is a violation of my clients’ rights. I expect to have a solution in this case really soon and, in my opinion, they will not be prosecuted’, said the lawyer.

Simirad points to a leak

Iasi CJ President Constantin Simirad (photo), from PDL, was also summoned yesterday to DNA HQs, the prosecutors assuring him the wire-tapping was legal. Simirad has also brought intelligence experts at the County Council to check the offices of other local heads but, according to him, no other tapping devices were found in the building. Moreover, Simirad accused his two subordinates that they had been previously warned regarding the cameras in their offices. “I believe there was a leak. (…) Let’s not forget the ex- head of SRI Iasi, Tiberiu Simion, is now a PNL member,” Simirad argued.

PSD demands investigation commission

On the other hand, PSD is going to demand, via the Committee for the Control of SRI, the setting up of an inquiry commission to look into the circumstances of the deployment of interception equipment to the offices of the two vice-presidents of the Iasi County Council.

The spokeswoman for the PSD departments, Olguta Vasilescu, yesterday said the illegal installation of interception and surveillance equipment in the offices of the two Iasi officials shoed ‘the absurd habits of the Basescu regime’ who ‘endangers the rule of law.’

‘The Basescu regime has distorted the normal order of a criminal investigation. Now, they first install interception equipment and then they wait for the subject to do something wrong or, perhaps, to entertain some lady from Guinea. (…) Basescu’s Romania has become a police state where anyone can be monitored in any manner and at any time if they are declared enemies of the regime,’ Vasilescu said.

Airport modernisation – possible reason

‘Romania Libera’ daily quotes sources as saying that the surveillance equipment was deployed to the offices of the two CJ vice-presidents because the prosecutors held evidence against them in a case regarding the attempted fixing of a number of tendering procedures for the modernisation of the Iasi Airport, worth over EUR 200 M.

USL (PSD+PNL) has the majority of seats on the Iasi County Council that decides, by vote, the way in which the airport is going to be modernised, by that eliminating certain interested bidders from start. The two vice-presidents, Adascalitei and Chirila, have an open conflict with CJ President Constantin Simirad (PDL), the latter opposing the concession of the project to companies that would bring along the funding themselves and receive the payment as the various phases of the contract are delivered.

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