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December 1, 2021

Abused wild horses saved

The horses are temporarily kept in a farm in Braila where they are receiving care. Unfortunately, two of them died during transport.

A huge row erupted in Letea last week after several NGOs published images showing weakened and wounded wild horses kept in pens. The images led to social networking services being flooded with messages decrying the “massacre” and with desperate calls to petition the authorities. Nine O’Clock has also received many letters of protest from readers throughout the world, appalled by the story of the wild horses.

49 wild horses were about to be taken to a slaughterhouse in Covasna but the authorities, pressured by the public opinion, decided to set them free. Animal Protection officers intercepted the transport and the animals will be temporarily kept in a farm in Urleasca, Braila County, until local authorities, the animals’ owners and the representatives of the animal protection association sort things out. The horses were given medical assistance, were fed and watered. The Vier Pfoten organization was involved in the rescue. Veterinary authorities state that 19 of the 49 horses are sick. In fact, two of them died on the night of Friday to Saturday in the lorry that was taking them to the slaughterhouse. Many of those that survived are in a critical condition and will be medically reexamined. The moment the horses were brought to Urleasca many of them collapsed of exhaustion. The horses were not watered during the 300-kilometer journey. Police officers have opened a criminal file for cruelty to animals. The lorry’s driver is at risk of spending one month to a year in jail.

The wild horses were living in the Letea Forest, a protected area of the Danube Delta. Those that caught and locked them up in order to send them to the slaughterhouse claimed the animals are sick or cause damages in the forest and the gardens. The wild horses, unique in Europe, were given no food for a week. Premier Emil Boc today asked for animal welfare regulations and relevant legislation to be respected. Approximately 200 persons took part in a spontaneous protest outside the government headquarters on Friday evening, asking for the wild horses to be rescued. Some protesters were fined after they refused to leave when the gendarmes asked them to do so.
protest in london
The case sensitized public opinion in Great Britain too, animal rights groups set to organize a protest march outside the Romanian Embassy in London on Thursday. In order to exemplify the primitive mentality of some Romanian animal owners, the protest organizers have posted on the internet a movie showing a Romanian peasant brutally hitting his exhausted horse who had collapsed, green-report.ro informs.

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