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September 21, 2020

Baconschi replies to opposition leaders

Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu oppose the constitutional right of the Romanian diaspora to express their political view by vote, Foreign Minister Teodor Baconshi said yesterday. “This undemocratic attitude by the USL <Social-Liberal Union> is not very surprising – since this anti-reformist platform is the meeting place for descends of the Communist Party, former liberals, traitors of the right and the intoxication hotbed of the old Securitate,” Mediafax quoted Baconshi as saying.

The FM however expressed his wonder at the “pessimism” of those with the USL, saying that, given poll rating are so high as they say they are, they should be more confident about diaspora’s participation in elections. Baconschi also referred to Ponta venting his discontent at the minister’s term in office, saying that last week alone, he went on two major visits – to London and Budapest – received his Ukrainian counterpart in Bucharest, and Romania was chosen as member of an important body <Human Rights Council> of the United Nations. “Given such negative summing up, I understand Mr. Ponta training Mr. Marian Vanghelie as the next minister of foreign affairs,” Baconschi said.

Baconschi’s reaction follows Victor Ponta’s view yesterday that Teodor Baconshi would not tender his resignation even if all senators voted in favour of the USL-originated simple motion. “Minister Baconschi is mostly interested in gathering votes for his party. It is for the first time ever that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) was converted in a  section of the Standing Electoral Authority. Baconschi became a minister as he beat the world record on votes/minute in a Paris voting section, and then, because he praised Elena Udrea, he also became first vice-president of the PDL,” the Social-Democrat leader said. Ponta sees it as “shameful” for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to lack a strategy for promoting Romania’s interest abroad, drawing attention to Romania going to have no ambassadors, as from the coming autumn, to China, Japan and South Korea.  Asked what chance the simple motion stands to got through the Senate, Ponta answered: “I don’t think Baconschi would tender his resignation even if the motion passed unanimously, since he is endorsed by Traian Basescu, given he brings votes for the PDL.”

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