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January 27, 2022

Head of R. Moldova Constitutional Court hurt in car crash, one dead

Seven were injured in the crash, a child is in coma. Four people died in separate weekend traffic accidents.

One person was killed and seven others were injured in a road accident on European Route 85, in Vrancea County yesterday, according to Realitatea.net. Preliminary inquiries indicated that the accident was caused by a driver who entered E85 from an adjacent road without checking for incoming traffic. In order to avoid impact, another driver was forced to enter the incoming lane and crashed head on into a car with Moldova licence plates, police said.

Upon impact, the driver of one of the three cars involved in the accident died. Those injured included the head of the Republic of Moldova’s Constitutional Court, Dumitru Pulbere, and another employee of the institution, Judge Petru Railean. The two sustained light injuries and did not require to be hospitalised.

Among those injured in the accident was also a three-year-old who was in severe condition. A SMURD (mobile emergency intervention unit) helicopter was also sent to Focsani to take the injured child and bring him to Bucharest, Realitatea TV said. The child’s mother was also badly injured, being taken to the Focsani Emergency Hospital in a coma. The two are the child and wife of the person killed in the accident, according to police sources.

Traffic in the area was blocked for over an hour after the accident, with lines of cars stretching for over two kilometres.
In a separate accident, a woman was killed in an accident caused by her husband, who was driving under the influence of alcohol, Realitatea TV said. The two were returning from a party and the husband lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a railing. His wife, who was on the passenger seat, died at impact, police said.

The driver, 62, suffered a heart attack but he recovered safely at the hospital. He will be probed on charges of man­slaughter and driving under the influence.

In Tulcea, meanwhile, two men were killed and two others were injured after the car they were in overturned for over 400 metres.

The driver, 35, lost control of the vehicle because he was speeding. He and another passenger died on the spot, while the other two were taken to the Tulcea emergency hospital in severe condition.

In Targoviste, six people, including a five-year-old girl, were hospitalised after an accident that involved two passenger vehicles and a truck. One of the six injured had suffered severe head trauma, but the rest sustained only minor injuries, Dambovita County Police Inspectorate spokesperson Marius Marin said.

And on Friday, railway traffic between Miercurea Ciuc and Toplita was interrupted for several hours after a freight train engine car derailed, according to Mediafax. Fortunately, the incident did not result in any casualties or material damage. Railway traffic in the area was resumed six hours after the derailment, the head of the Harghita Railway Transport Police, Constantin Nut, told Mediafax. The incident will be investigated by the national railway company, to establish why exactly the engine car derailed.

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