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February 9, 2023

Hemofiction Theatre Festival, in Bucharest

The fourth edition of the Barcelona Hemofiction Theatre International Festival will take place between May 24 and 30, in Bucharest, graced with the presence of Juan Trigos and Lorenzo Mijares, founding figures of the “hemofiction” trend – a type of avant-garde literature, which merges humour and the grotesque. This is the first time the Barcelona Hemofiction Theatre will perform in Bucharest, within the fourth edition of the Festival which takes place at an international level and includes performances in Spain, the United States, Italy, Mexico and Germany. The shows in Romania are organized by the representative of the Hemofiction Theatre in Romania, Horia Barna, the former director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Madrid.

The manifestations in Bucharest are scheduled for May 24 (Green Hours Theatre), May 27 (Romexpo, C6 Pavillion, Bookfest 2011) and May 30 (Green Hours Theatre). On May 27, Romexpo will host a conference with the Theatre team, with the participation of playwright Juan Trigos. The productions will be presented in the original version, in Spanish, with Romanian subtitles (Green Hours) or a simultaneous translation (Romexpo). On May 24 and 30, starting 8pm, we can see the production “Contra-Sujeto”, by Juan Trigos, a one-man-show with Lorenzo Mijares. After the shows, the public will be able to take part in a dialogue with the playwright, director and performer Lorenzo Mijares. On May 27, starting 6:15pm, within the Bookfest book fair, we are invited to the debate “Hemofiction – a postmodern literary and art avant-garde”, having as protagonists Juan Trigos (writer and playwright, Mexico/US), Lorenzo Mijares (director and actor, the promoter of the Hemofiction Theatre International Festival) and Horia Barna (translator, acting as the chair).

The Hemofiction Theatre was founded in 2000, in Barcelona, by Lorenzo Mijares, who is considered a pioneer in the field of hemofiction.

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